The Alien Egg Game

What do you do with alien eggs? Why you eat them of course!

Five youth leaders huddled together, discreetly whispering among each other with obvious intention to be overheard.

“No, we can’t tell the kids! They will be too scared.”

“We need to tell them! They can help us!”

Not caring that they were eavesdropping, a group of girls shout “YOU HAVE TO TELL US WHATS GOING ON!”

That was my cue. ‘Gather around everyone! Stay calm! Do NOT panic. It has come to my attention that aliens have landed in our area and left their eggs hidden among us!’ I proclaimed with a concerned look on my face. ‘I need everyone to be quiet as I tell you exactly what needs to be done!’

Frantically most of the kids grabbed their neighbors in fear while others smirked with irritation and whispered ‘there she go again, always playin’ too much’.

Using drastic hand motions, larger than life exaggerations and fantastical verbiage, I explain to the kids exactly why these aliens were so incredibly threatening to us, humans. Having played this game for many years with many groups of kids, I like to elaborate and change it up each time. Usually, the aliens have some silly sort of plan to take over our vans and leave us stranded, or perhaps fill our tents and sleeping bags with flowers that smell like farts. By this time, most of the kids have caught on through my ridiculous story, though I don’t let on that this may not be ‘real’. (Real is just in your head right? Right.)

‘Okay guys! Here is what you need to do in order to get RID of these alien eggs, you need to find them as a team, break them open, AND EAT THEM! Then bring me back the shell so I can see that the threat is completely gone! Whoever does that first, will be the winner and will save us all from the aliens!’

Not usually concerned by the fact that I’ve just asked them to eat an alien egg, I get questions like ‘But Miss Bre! What does an Alien egg look like? Where are they hidden? How many are there? Are they going to make me sick?’

“These eggs are probably disguised as some everyday object; the aliens don’t want you to know that it’s their egg! So when you find it, it may seem ordinary to you, you may even WANT to break it open and eat it! There are four teams, right? There are probably four alien eggs out there; I would bet there is one for each team!’ I explained.

Catching on that this is probably a game, the kids are now pumped to find the alien egg, eat the egg and victoriously bring the shell back! As the kids searched our campus high and low, I heard one boy say to his buddy, ‘I haven’t found any eggs yet but I tripped over a watermelon back in the woods over there.’

I ran over and put my arms around both of them, ‘wait…. You tripped over a watermelon? What is a watermelon doing in the woods…. You don’t think it could be a …”

“ALIEN EGG!!!!!!!” they both screamed as they took off for the woods shouting for their teammates to follow. Just like that word was out. Desperate yells and shouts "YA’LL! IT’S A WATERMELON! WE’RE LOOKING FOR A WATERMELON!"

This game has always been one of my favorite games to play with any group of kids. Not only is it a blast for the kids, it's fun for the adults to play along too. It takes zero preparation, all you need to do is buy watermelons, hide them and make up a great story! This game can be as long or as short as you want it to be, hide the melons really well or barely hide them at all. But the most important factor of this game or any games is to be ready to play and have fun. To kids, love is spelled P-L-A-Y.

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Whitney DelaneyComment