Our Mission

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UMA exists to serve the community in a positive way by encouraging teens to turn off their cellphones and computers, step out of their comfort zones, and set off on a real adventure. We desire to impact teens by leading them on wilderness experiences that develop a new perspective on life and impart a deeper understanding and respect for the world around them . We feel that any youth can benefit from the physical and spiritual challenges found in exploring nature.

Urban Mountain Adventures provides life-impacting wilderness experiences and outdoor adventure trips for urban youth.

....We Serve


Serve a core group of about 50 urban youth ages 6-18 


  • Adventure Trips
  • Weekly group gatherings
  • Spontaneous hangouts
  • Constant availability
  • Small group mentoring


Daniels Hill, Lynchburg VA 

Amherst, VA

Keweenaw, MI


We are passionate about the vital role the outdoors can play in developing life skills, confidence, and a deeper sense of purpose. UMA provides opportunities for teens to get out of their comfort zones and have a wilderness experience that will impact their life at no cost. We are committed to adhering to our core values as we fulfill our purpose.


Core Values


We facilitate professional wilderness adventure programs which challenge participants outside of their comfort zones. Overcoming fears is a vital part of our ministry.


It is the expectation that all UMA staff and volunteers adhere to the strictest safety standards and we seek to instill those standards within our youth by teaching risk-management while on our adventure trips. 


UMA recognizes the value of intentionally living within the community we serve. This provides a consistent and personal involvement with our youth and their families, thereby demonstrating a Christ-centered model for living.

Spiritual Growth 

We encourage corporate and individual growth in Christ. This takes place through personal accountability and relationships as well as group fellowship with the UMA staff. 

Leadership & Service

We seek to empower our youth as they grow up into young adults. This is a newer initiative, we seek to do this by putting them in leadership roles and through community service.


Our youth are responsible for their gear on our adventure trips. We also teach good stewardship by practicing Leave No Trace principles.