Summer Camp Pine Valley, PA


This year we were blessed to take our largest group of campers yet. We squeezed 29 campers and leaders, along with their luggage, like sardines into our 2 15-passenger vans and embarked on a 7-hour drive to Pine Valley. It was a little rough but that made our arrival all the more exciting.  

We have been taking our older elementary, middle school, and high-school students to Pine Valley's camp for the last 3 years now and it is one of most anticipated trips of the year.  This year our youth got to go to the lake, play in the pool, ride horses, and dress up like princesses or warriors along with a ton of other fun things. Every day they had the opportunity to go to chapel, be mentored by their counselors, and spend time with Jesus. At the end of each week, all of the youth come together for a "Say-So Fire" where they can share their growth or decisions to follow Jesus with everyone at the camp. We had 5 of our youth stand up and decide to give their lives to Jesus! It was incredible. We are so grateful to Pine Valley and their staff for all that they do and grateful for our supports who make it financially possible. 

Another unique program Pine Valley offers is their Campers In Training program (CIT) to youth who are a part of their Crossroads Teen Camp. To be invited back, the youth have to receive a 90 or above for the week. They are graded on participation, leadership, cleanliness among other things. This year, two of our campers were invited back for the second time to participate in training. We took them back for round two mid-July, at the end of the week they were invited to join the staff for the following year. Our youth were so stoked! One returned the application to us the day after we got back. We are so excited to see how they continue to excel in service and leadership and can't wait for them to spend their first summer working for Pine Valley!


Campers In Training (CIT)

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