How to Play the Ninja Game

1. All players form a circle.

2. Each player folds their hands (like a ninja.)

3. To begin the game one player will give a countdown saying: “3, 2, 1- Go ninja go!”

4. Everyone jumps backwards (as far as they can/want to) and lands "striking a ninja pose."

5. Starting with the person who gave the countdown, then going in order of the original placement in the circle, each player is permitted to make one move, either attacking or jumping to another area of the playing field. A move must be in one fluid motion, not a series of moves.

6. When attacking, the goal is to strike the other player on the arm, anywhere below the shoulder. If playing with older youth or adults, you can adjust this rule to be below the elbow to make it more challenging.

7.  Once a player makes their move, they must stay frozen in the position they ended in, until their next turn.

8. If the defender is hit, he must place his arm behind his back. Once both arms are hit, that player is eliminated from the game.

9. A defender who is being attacked is also entitled to make one move attempting to get out of the way. This move must also be in one fluid motion and the defender must remain frozen in the position they end in.

10. The last person standing is the winner.

Note: Games typically last 5-10 minutes.

Whitney DelaneyComment