Current Needs Include

- Lightly used gear (compressible sleeping bags between 0-30 degrees, backpacking packs, anything waterproof)

- Lightly used layers (wool socks, waterproof gloves, mid-layers, waterproof layers, puffy jackets, fleece, etc.)

- Weatherproof gear storage for the top and rear racks on our vans.

- Another 15 passenger van! We are growing and its awesome!

- Internal frame backpacking packs (youth and adult sizes)

- Non-perishable food items such as boxed mac and cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, pancake mix and syrup, snack size chip or crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. 

- Lawn Mower or Lawn Mower Repair Skills

- Chest Freezer

- Washer without an aggrevator for gear