Thanksgiving Extravaganza

We had an incredible time at our Thanksgiving dinner this year! This year we had to split the boys and girls groups up because we have grown so much. We were also incredibly blessed this year to have a phenomenal home-cooked meal provided for all 60 of us! I'm not sure my real Thanksgiving will hold a candle to it! 

I didn't actually attend the boys group but I heard that the original plans of going to play basketball after eating were thwarted in favor of a enjoying food-coma-like-state and fellowship : )

This girls group played two games that were really fun! The first was Grateful Clothespins. Everyone got a couple of clothespins, the goal of the game was to get rid of them but you could only do so by telling someone else what you were grateful for about them and then pinning it to their clothes. For most of the night, the girls were running around pinning clothes pins and appreciating each other. We weren't sure how it would go but it was a lot of fun!

For the second game we played, the Turkey Challenge, the girls were divided into small groups of 5-6 and given a bag with a gold tablecloth, tape, streamers, string, and pipe cleaners. Their mission was to dress one team member up like a turkey. We gave them 15 minutes and it was insane : ) 

We are so grateful for all of the support from the families who provided food to our volunteers who are constantly making time in their schedules to love our youth! Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Whitney DelaneyComment