Our goal was to raise $5,000 for new safety equipment and gear,

We Raised $7,651.75!!!


We can't thank you all enough! This will allow us to purchase all of the items we needed and provide us with a little cushion in case something breaks or we need something else this year!

YOU WERE AMAZING! Thank you so much for giving, sharing, and praying for this fundraiser. We couldn't have done it without your support. 


This year we made a semi-last minute decision to switch our fundraising efforts to Facebook for Giving Tuesday. We received an email informing us that they were matching up to $2 Million in donations made to US non-profits and waiving all processing fees. We are so grateful for all of you who were waiting by your computers to give right at 8am. We had $750 matched. By using Facebook for our Giving Tuesday Fundraiser, we saved $100 on a giving platform and almost $500 in processing fees, which is insanely awesome, every time I type this, the Hallelujah Chorus plays in my head.

On behalf of Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we would like to thank you for participating in our #GivingTuesday $2 million match.... Together we raised a total of $45 million for worthwhile causes.
— The Facebook Social Good team
**The extra came in before or after Giving Tuesday, through our website, or by mail.

**The extra came in before or after Giving Tuesday, through our website, or by mail.

This is the second year Facebook has hosted and matched on GivingTuesday. As some of you may have encountered, there is still a learning curve. We apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for continuing to try to give later that day and the days following.  We look forward to see how Facebook will prepare for next year and how they will handle all of the activity.  


We will be using the money raised to purchase:

  • 11 Climbing Helmets ($65 each)
  • 10 Climbing Harnesses ($60 each)
  • 15 Rafting Helmets ($50 each)
  • 15 Life Jackets ($60 each)
  • 1 Raft Trailer ($1,960)

Our Adventure trips allow us to reach our youth by getting them out of their comfort zones, teaching outdoor skills, helping them overcome their fears, and empowering them while sharing the love of Christ with them. These trips also give us a unique opportunity to grow deeper in our relationships and help them to trust us more, something that we couldn't do in the same way merely through weekly group meetings in our neighborhood.  Our weekly small-group mentoring enables us to keep that momentum going while pouring into and encouraging them in their everyday lives. It is a long-term investment in their futures and the future of Lynchburg.

If you are not already following us on Facebook or Instagram, follow us! We will be posting updates as we receive the new equipment and put it to use! Feel free to comment below, if you have any questions!

 To learn more about us, check out our website and follow us on Facebook , Instagram , and Youtube .

Thank you again for all of you for your support! We were blown away, it is so encouraging to have so many people so invested in our success!

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