#GivingTuesday's GEAR DRIVE


raft helmets 2.png

We are almost 10 years old! Not only have we run our gear into the ground with grand adventures and lots of love, but we've grown! We need to replace old/damaged gear and build our inventory to continue to facilitate trips at no-cost to our youth! Help us raise $5000 on Nov 28 through our Facebook for

  • 11 Climbing Helmets ($65 each)
  • 10 Climbing Harnesses ($60 each)
  • 15 Rafting Helmets ($50 each)
  • 15 Life Jackets ($60 each)
  • 1 Raft Trailer ($1,960)


raft trailer 5.png

You may be asking, why a raft trailer? Good Question. A raft trailer would actually be a huge asset to us because it will save us loads of time on having to blow up and deflate rafts and would even allow us to run the river multiple trips per day, it will also save us space and allow us to facilitate more kids, finally it will protect and extend the life of our boats. 


There is nothing like the joy on the face of a kid after she has survived the rapids or conquered a 100ft rock face for the first time, it is indescribable. They are ready and anxious to take on the world!

Our Adventure trips allow us to reach our youth by getting them out of their comfort zones, teaching outdoor skills, helping them overcome their fears, and empowering them while sharing the love of Christ with them. These trips also give us a unique opportunity to grow deeper in our relationships and help them to trust us more, something that we couldn't do in the same way merely through weekly group meetings in our neighborhood.

Our weekly small-group mentoring enables us to keep that momentum going while pouring into and encouraging them in their everyday lives. It is a long-term investment in their futures and the future of Lynchburg. Lives are being changed, but we can't keep doing it without your support! To learn more about us, check out our website UrbanMountainAdventures.org and follow us on Facebook , Instagram , and Youtube .

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