Taking a Look Back

As we look forward to a new year ...

Urban Mountain Adventures is taking a look back at 2014.

Numerous adventure trips and weekly Bible studies are some of the main events for UMA's youth each year. Besides those activities, here are a few highlights from 2014 - we hope you enjoy!!


1. Summer Camp

Summer Camp was a first for UMA this year and by the reactions from the kids, we'd say it was a huge success! Our theme, "YOLO - So Don't Waste It, along with many group activities, taught our youth that there is purpose and meaning in life. Their friends may be telling them one thing but God is telling them that they have a purpose and He has a special plan for them! Fundraising efforts were very successful for this event and we plan to make Summer Camp an annual tradition!!

2. Spring Break

Spring break is another yearly event that we plan months in advance for. As our staff and volunteer base continues to grow, we often are planning 4-5 group trips during spring break week! This year we had two camping trips, one for our boys and one for our girls, as well as a river trip for the girls and two separate river rafting trips for other Lynchburg nonprofits - The Genesis Academy, and Lighthouse Kids! The weather was a little chilly that week but we got to make good use of our new tents and spray jackets!

3. S.T.E.P. Missions Trip

A group of high school youth from Grand Rapids, Michigan made their way down to Lynchburg this summer to help UMA minister to our neighbors. This is the first time we've partnered with another group and we had a great week together! The MI group organized a Vacation Bible School program for our kids and completed many 'blessings projects' in our neighborhood.

4. New(er) Van

Early on in the year we began a campaign to purchase a new(er) 15 passenger van. Our old van was unreliable for transporting youth and it desperately needed to be replaced! After months and months of fundraising and searching for the best deal, we purchased a van and it's been a tremendous blessing to our organization! Whether it was taking us to river trips, rappelling trips, or even to church on Sunday morning, it's served us well and hope it will continue to in the future!

To everyone of you who have prayed for us, volunteered with us, or generously donated towards our work, we can't thank you enough and we hope this gives you a glimpse of how much your support is doing here in the lives of our youth and their families!

May God bless you in 2015,

The Urban Mountain Adventures Staff

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