Porch Tuesday's


A question we’re often asked is, “how do new kids find out about your program?” Oftentimes UMA kids will tell their friends about the cool things they do with us and invite their peers to join, but other times new kids will learn about us through events we hold in the neighborhood – like Porch Tuesday.

What is Porch Tuesday? Every Tuesday afternoon during the summer, UMA staff and volunteers would ‘open up’ the front porch of our ministry house for a couple hours so that neighborhood kids could join us in playing card games, decorating the street with sidewalk chalk, painting rocks, washing vans, and other fun activities! Something cool that happened this summer was that we had more NEW kids attending Porch Tuesday than we had returning kids. As we played games and did fun projects with the kids, it not only introduced them to UMA, it also allowed us to start building a relationship and developing trust with them and their parents. THANK YOU to those who donated to allow Porch Tuesday to be possible, to add kids to our discipleship groups which begin this fall and have a positive impact in their lives.

Marissa WilterinkComment