The Bourdon Family from left to right: James, Savannah, Juli Ann, Isabella, Soleil

The Bourdon Family from left to right: James, Savannah, Juli Ann, Isabella, Soleil


James Bourdon


James has combined two of his greatest passions outdoor adventures and sharing the gospel, into one incredibly unique ministry. 

Certifications: AMGA Single-Pitch Instructor, EMT, First Aid, and CPR

Juli Ann Bourdon


Mother to three beautiful girls, Soleil, Savannah, and Isabella, Juli Ann shares James’ passion for the youth of Lynchburg... Read More →



Urban Mountain Adventures Staff

All of our staff live in the Daniel Hill area near the families they serve and raise their own salaries so that all donations can go toward facilitating trips and small-group mentoring for our kids. If you would like to support a staff member you can do that here. 

Bre Bio Pic DD Photography.JPG

Bre Curtas

Assistant Director

Certifications | Wilderness First Responder, CPR & First Aid


m and girls bible 4.jpg

Marissa Wilterink

Community Relations & Volunteer Coordinator, Elementary Girls Group Leader

Certifications | Wilderness First Responder, CPR & First Aid


Whitney Delaney

Marketing and Adventure Coordinator, High School Girls Group Leader

Certifications | Wilderness EMT, Rock Rescue, White Water Rescue, LNT Master Educator

Ryan Ferro

UMA AmHesrt Director & Adventure Guide

Certifications | AMGA Single-Pitch Instructor, Paramedic, & Technical Rope Rescue Technician


Welcome our newest staff member

Ryan House

Program Coordinator, Leads Elementary & Middle School boys Groups

Certifications | Wilderness First Responder, CPR and First Aid

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Core Leaders

Core Leaders live in the neighborhood and have made a long-term commitment to UMA. A lot of the time they take on additional responsibilities as well, such as leading a group or planning events. They are an integral part of UMA and we couldn’t do it without them!


joshs bio pic.jpg

Josh  Curtas

since 2012

Certifications | WFR, CPR, and First Aid


Chis & Kelsey Mabes

Since 2011

Certifications | CPR & First Aid, NREMT, Technical Rescue



Kate Friar

Since 2015



Faith Marinelli

Since 2015

Certifications | CPR


Rylie Culkin

SINCE 2015



Janeen Marinelli

SINCE 2015

Valued Volunteers

We love and are so grateful for our volunteers! They are amazing!

  • Soleil Bourdon
  • Connor High
  • Marlin Jones-Foster
  • Megan Wert
  • Joy Dionne
  • Brenna Houge
  • Stephanie Demmon
  • Daniel Correa
  • Angel Carter
  • Keren Sheridan
  • David Clarke
  • Tim Wilson
  • Jon Owen
  • Stephanie Pellicane