Juli Ann Bourdon



Mother to three beautiful girls; Soleil, Savannah, and Isabella. Juli Ann not only shares James’ passion for the youth of Lynchburg but also plays a major role in the behind-the-scenes operations of UMA. Juli Ann is currently homeschooling Soleil and Savannah while trying to keep up with ‘Izzy Bizzy’. She includes herself in UMA activities whenever her busy schedule allows. She has a motherly tenderness and love that the neighborhood youth are naturally drawn to, finding comfort in her home and playing with her girls. She and James have a strong desire to raise their daughters in an environment of faith in the Lord, trust in His provision, and love for all people. One of the greatest blessings she has seen from their family’s involvement in UMA is watching her daughters love for Christ shine through their interactions with their friends, neighbors, and strangers. James and Juli Ann have made a lifelong commitment to intentionally invest in the lives of their community. They have also been foster parents for Lynchburg City and have had the opportunity to share God’s love through that avenue as well.