The Story Behind our Motto


“When others throw in the towel, we pick it up and dry out our tents.”

-James Bourdon

UMA Founder & Director

The Story Behind Our Motto

Three years ago we held our first UMA summer camp in the Shenandoah Valley. Caving, hiking, swimming, rafting and sleeping out in tents were some of the activities we had planned for 15 awesome youth!

The first day of camp Mother Nature threw us a curveball. A tropical storm was moving up the East Coast accompanied by torrential rainfall and strong winds. With rain coats, boots and ponchos ready, nothing was going to stop our kids from having the best week EVER! When we arrived at our campground the boys set up everyone’s tents while the girls prepared dinner in a local public park pavilion for the group. Joyful laughter and excited kids drowned out the rapid pounding of an angry storm overhead.

Some of our older tents weren't able to stand the storm and our girls woke up the next morning with pools of water surrounding their sleeping bags. We had a choice to make… Throw in the towel, or pick up all of our towels (and dry clothes) and dry out the tents… We chose the latter. Our kids wanted to stay and weather the storm!

We often refer back to this event because of how accurately it represents the strength of our youth, creativity of our leaders and the JOY that comes with determination and adventure! Pray for Urban Mountain Adventures as we seek to continue providing opportunities for our youth to build confidence and character through outdoor adventures and discipleship!