Giving Tuesday 2015 - Fundraising Goal

As we look back at the past year and anticipate all that the new year holds, we have so much to be grateful for! God is faithful in providing for the needs of Urban Mountain Adventures as we do our best to serve Him! In 2013 you helped us raise enough money to buy a "new-er" 15 passenger van to replace the unreliable one that we had owned up until that point. We wish we could share with you every single one of the awesome moments and memories that we have had in that van and plan to continue having! It's hauled rafts to the river and back multiple times, carried anxious backpackers and their packs to the mountains, comfortably transported sleepy teens to summer camp in Pennsylvania ... plus SO many more incredible adventures! It is definitely serving it's purpose!

In 2016 we plan to raise $7,000 to purchase an additional "new-er" 15 passenger van (we hope to raise 10% of that, $700, on Giving Tuesday!). We've found that one 15 passenger van isn't enough room for all the youth we are reaching out to! With each trip we're currently taking, we are borrowing additional vehicles from volunteers or friends just to provide adventure trips to our youth! We are finding a way, but we feel it's time for UMA to add a second van to our "needs" list.

Will you consider helping us meet our goal?

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