Our Favorite Hikes


Maybe you're new to the area, planning a trip here soon, or you've been around as long as you can remember! No matter what, our guess is that you might enjoy a day on the trails as much as we do! We've asked our team to share their favorite hikes. Enjoy!

Kelsey - Old Rag Mountain. My favorite day hike - located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park. It is a great hike with a challenging scramble at the end.

Marissa - McAfee Knob. The destination is definitely worth the journey on this hike with the incredible, unique view! Also noteworthy, It's been known as "the most photographed spot on the A.T.

Bre - Mount Pleasant We love the hike up with our dogs. The view is outstanding, especially with the changing leaves!

James- Three Ridges / MauHar loop Great views, rugged terrain, cascading creek with a small waterfall, and a ridge hike. A good challenging day hike or a terrific overnight!

Juli - Humpback rocks. It's only a mile to the rocks but the elevation gain makes it challenging for even the fittest hiker. Getting to the top is a hidden treat as you scramble into a giant cliff of rocks. The wind is very powerful & the views are amazing. A great hike to get a workout in less than 3 hours with a wow factor for visiting family to remember. I do recommend lots of water, a jacket, & trekking poles.

Soleil - Little Rocky Row. I love the Blue Blaze trail that leads to the Little Rocky Row. Great hike on a ridge the whole way, and surrounded by mountains.

Josh - White Oak Canyon. That area is the perfect spot for all your favorite fall activities. From delicious food at Yoder’s Market to hay rides at the Apple Festival at Graves Mountain Lodge, you can’t go wrong when being in that area that time of year. After you have had your fill of pork rinds, bluegrass, and Apple Festival fun one of the most beautiful hikes in all of Virginia awaits. White Oak Canyon has beautiful fall foliage along with breathtaking views of mountainous streams and waterfalls. This is a must do hike!

Ryan F - Three Ridges. Its a great hike and has some of the best views around the area for hiking. Camping around hanging rock is awesome with the fall colors.

Tyler - McAfee Knob. From the knob, there is a beautiful, sprawling view of the valley and the stargazing is superb. There are also numerous camping sites within a few minutes of the overlook. Waking up early to watch the sunrise is well worth it.

Joy - Spy Rock It's a little past Crab Tree Falls and is about 1.3 miles. Once you get to the top, it's a 360 degree view and there is a great place to have a fire.

Tim - Cole/Cold Mountain. For the colors, star gazing--and several great campsites! I usually set up on the backside of the loop in a meadow with several large oak trees. It's also a great place to take new backpackers as the loop isn't too long and the pay off for the hike up is huge with expansive views in all directions!

Another favorite isDragon's Tooth-McAfee-Andy Layne Trail. Beautiful hike--and a nice challenge with awesome views and colors.

Kate - Devil's Marbleyard I love it because you get to hike but then you also get to climb up three tiers of rock. So it is more of a total body and mind work out picking out the rocks to get you to the top. It's a good workout and I'd say a medium level hike overall. :)

Chris - Old Rag Mountain. It's challenging yet fun making for a full day of hiking. There is a rock scramble that lasts almost a mile and is also pretty challenging but can make for a great spot for bouldering/climbing. The views at the top are some of the best in the state and great during the fall season as it overlooks The Shenandoah's. There is also some creeks and rushing water along parts of the trail that completes the hike.

Do you have any of the same favorite hikes?

Are you planning to check any of these out this coming fall?

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