Volunteer Orientation

Urban Mountain Adventures

The mission of Urban Mountain Adventures (UMA) Lynchburg is to reach out to the school-aged children of the lower Rivermont area through role model-style relationships. UMA builds these trust-filled relationships through weekly small groups, outdoor adventure trips, and other activities in the community. Our purpose is always to point to Christ and His Gospel as the answer to every need we have, including salvation.

“No significant change happens outside of significant relationship” – Dr. James Comer

Group time rules and guidelines

Safety: It is UMA’s policy that no volunteer and child(ren) should ever be out of sight of another UMA leader. This policy is strictly enforced and includes being in homes, vehicles, public restrooms, and outdoor areas that are secluded from plain view. Please be aware of this at all times and strive to be above reproach.

Physical contact: We expect volunteers to keep appropriate boundaries with each other and the children. We trust that our volunteers will know what is appropriate and keep these boundaries at all times, if you have any questions or concerns about a situation or a child, please ask your group leader. We encourage:

  • Short hugs anytime you see the kids
  • High fives
  • Fist bumps
  • Truthful, encouraging words

We ask that these guidelines are followed at all times while you’re serving in UMA. These rules are to protect our children, to protect you, and to protect our organization.

Volunteer Values 

As a UMA volunteer, you are upheld to certain values and standards.

  • Have an ongoing, growing relationship with the Lord
  • Display a Christ-like love to all UMA kids, their families, and volunteers
  • Lead by being an example (modeling and imparting the Gospel)


  • Support the vision of UMA
  • Be present for all mandatory training sessions and meetings
  • Be fully present while serving our youth (no phones out or extended conversations with other volunteers)
  • Have realistic expectations of each child
  • Do not make promises to the kids that you can’t keep (even a “maybe” can sound like a “yes” to them)
  • Avoid joining in on jokes about race, skin, economic differences
  • If you ever have a questionable or concerning run-in with a child or parent of a child, please let your group leader know ASAP so we can take appropriate action


If you are planning to use your volunteer hours with UMA towards CSER or another community service project, we ask that you record your own hours throughout the semester. Your contact will be Marissa.


Your group leader and Marissa Wilterink, UMA's volunteer coordinator, will be your main points of contact. We use both text and e-mail to communicate about upcoming events and ask that you always respond promptly. Don't feel bad declining an event! It is better to have an answer than to leave it unconfirmed.

We do our best to pass along information early enough to allow you to plan, but because we operate around the kids' schedules, sometimes plans come together last minute and we'll let you know asap. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that there are times when unforeseen situations (sickness, family emergency) cause you to miss a volunteer shift. If you must cancel, please make every effort to contact your group leader at least 48 hours before you are expected to volunteer.