UMA is in a growth spurt and we couldn’t be more excited about it! This recent growth has expanded our ability to serve even more youth through our weekly discipleship and adventure trips. The addition of the UMA Community House brings one more dynamic avenue for our leaders to connect with our youth through game nights, fires in the backyard and other awesome opportunities. The Charlotte House (it’s on Charlotte St.) as we call it serves as a hangout for the kids and leaders, it stores our gear and vehicles, is home to 3 of our UMA leaders and serves as an office for our now FOUR full time staff members. That’s right, our staff has doubled from two to FOUR ladies who are daily working behind the scenes to grow our organization and continue pushing UMA to reach a new level of intentionality with our youth. Throughout all this amazing growth we still stick to our core desire to build deeper, more meaningful relationships in order to share the love of Christ with our youth!       

Whitney Delaney