Rappelling the Blue Ridge

On the Blue Ridge Parkway sits an incredible view with a wonderful beginner’s cliff named Ravens Roost. The UMA staff will facilitate a safe and fun environment for your group to conquer the rock face as you rappel down it! The 100 foot cliff is not only a great spot for a climbing/ rappelling adventure but also a picturesque spot for those only wanting to cheer their friends on!  

Cost: $40/person  ◇  Group Size: Min 8 / Max 12*  ◇  Duration: 4-5 hour day**

What's Included: 

  • Gear rental: Harness and Helmet
  • One-on-one staff guidance
  • Safety precautions and supervision
  • Confidence building exercises

What you need:

  • BYOL - Bring your own lunch
  • Comfy clothes that allow movement
  • Get excited, it’s going to be epic!

*If you have a larger group, please speak with us about the specific circumstances. We are able to host one large group in two different shifts.

**Depends on number of participants.


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