Cancellation Policy

UMA reserves the right to cancel a pre scheduled trip due to inclement weather, if a trip is canceled by UMA we will offer a reschedule date as soon as possible.

If the participant party cancels, we ask for two weeks notice to reschedule or for a refund. If the party cancels within the 2 weeks leading up to the trip, UMA reserves the right to keep the payment.

Gear Usage

UMA will provide all the necessary gear to maintain the highest level of safety for each paid participant. We reserve the right to hold the participating party liable for any major damages done to UMA personal safety gear and equipment above and beyond normal wear and tear; this includes life vests, wetsuits, helmets, rappelling harnesses, and ropes.

Participant Waivers

A waiver must be signed by each participant (or guardian) and returned on or before your trip. Due to our desire to maintain the highest level of personal safety gear we ask that you specifically give us notice of any exceptionally large or small participants as we must make sure we have appropriate sized gear.