6:00 PM18:00

UMA's Christmas Party

This is our last official meeting with our youth in 2018!

We will be meeting in our small groups for an intimate celebration of Christ Birthday! Each group will celebrate with a special meal, games, and gifts. If you would like to help provide meals for one of our 6 groups, we would love to get you connected with a group leader! Please contact us! This is a great bonding opporunity for families, small, groups, any one to give back this season! Thank you for showing your love for us!

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LU's Deep Hollow Half Marathon
8:00 AM08:00

LU's Deep Hollow Half Marathon

Liberty’s Outdoor Recreation department is amazing! They have been so supportive to us by opening up their facilities and booking trips with us! We look forward to being a part of their race series! We will be handing out waters and hopefully have an informational table at this event. Come see us or come serve along side us : )

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MS Rappelling Trip
12:00 PM12:00

MS Rappelling Trip

Our first adventure of the school year!

Weather permitting, we will be taking our middle school groups rappelling! Then have grown so much we will have to take shifts. Half will reppel while the other half goes on a hike and half way through they will switch. Its going to be fun!

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Giving Tuesday's GEAR DRIVE
to Nov 28

Giving Tuesday's GEAR DRIVE

We are getting pumped, crunching the numbers, and determining what we need for this upcoming year -- gear wise. So far, our rough lists includes

  • A raft trailer that holds 2-4 rafts
  • An additional gear shed to house our new trailer and additional gear
  • 15 additional river helmets
  • 15 life jackets
  • 11 additional climbing helmets
  • 10 additional climbing harnesses
  • 2 Big coolers
  • Go-Pro or Camera with video capabilities
  • 15 Internal frame backpacks (10 adult 50-60L and 5 Kids 30-40L)

We are looking for matching donors. If you or your company might be interested, please contact us! If you just love us and want to know how you can help us get the word out, please contact Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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